AQCuRE Homeware value-added nanotechnology based products for improving quality of human life.
What is AQCuRE?
AQCuRE is a range of products developed by Nanosafe Solutions( a technology start-up partnered with IIT Delhi, focusing on manufacturing technological value-added products in human life.)
imbibed with patent pending copper release technology. The release of copper is engineered so that the exact quantity of copper required to kill microbes (bacteria, virus, algae, fungi, mold, mildew) is released. The released copper fortifies the stored water/food and additionally keeps it microbe free.
The inspiration behind the AQCuRE range comes from traditional uses of copper as a disinfectant since medieval times. Usage of copper made jugs and vessels for food and water purification is common in India as it is considered as minor trace nutrient element required for growth and immunity in humans.
Why is AQCuRE products better than pure copper products?
Nanosafe Solutions have engineered the product to perfection so that exact amount of copper required is leached whereas a copper product causes uncontrolled leaching generating metallic smell and taste. The permissible limit of copper in drinking water is 1.3 mg in 1 litre, whereas your body needs 0.9 mg of copper daily.