About us

Sindhu plastics in Delhi is one of the leading businesses in the category of plastic and steel household products in India as well as in the neighbouring countries like Nepal. Sindhu plastics was incorporated in 1996 and has been serving the market since then. It believes in building sustainable relations with its customers and suppliers. Sindhu plastics has constantly endeavoured to augment its products range having lunch boxes, water bottles, casserole, candy box, mugs, containers, clips, pencil box and shakers. At present Sindhu plastics has acquired the exclusive rights in North India to market the brand i.e. AQCuRE having range of shakers, bottles and bubble tops developed by Nanosafe Solutions which was incubated at IIT Delhi.

Our vision includes the significance of Sindhu river which constantly keeps flowing and enriches the life. Keeping this in our mind ,With our expertise, we look forward to deliver top notch yet cost effective products and services to our clients.

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